Model 302
24-bit USB Data
Acquisition System
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         Other precision data
         acquisition products
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Connector Pinout

  +1   -1   +2   -2   +3   -3   +4   -4   +5   -5   +6   -6   GD   GD (ground)

Other Input/Output Connector (16 terminals)
  Analog Out     Digital In     Digital Output
  1   2   3     1   2   3   4     GD   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H

Note: For maximum protection, any unused input terminals should be connected to ground. This is done to protect the circuitry from static discharges which can be of extremely high voltage. Open inputs can also pick up noise. Strain-relief is recommended for all permanent wiring on the connector. Otherwise, physical stress may cause the failure of an electrical connection. The connector hood provided has a strain-relief clamp.

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